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Whether you are looking to  give the outside of your home or business a new look, or just adding some accent color - we provide excellent options  for exterior paint that is sure to bring a fresh new look that will withstand the elements for years to  come.

painting traverse city

Add an exciting splash of color to your favorite room. Compliment your new decor or furniture with a pleasing color that ties the whole room together. Let us make your vision a reality with a fresh coat of paint for one wall, one room, or the whole house - or business.

painting traverse city

Indoor or outdoor, a fresh coat of stain will always liven up the wood that will bring back that fresh, clean look. For any wood staining needs, let us know - we'll help reverse the years of age in your space's wood accents, patios, decks, and more.

staining traverse city

Wallpaper is a great way to add color as well as imagery that fits the theme of the room you envision. With years of experience we provide professional wallpaper services. Whether you are looking into adding wallpaper for your decor, or requesting it to be removed - we've got it covered.

wallpaper traverse city
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